Weekly Parent Memo

 Week of 8/07/2020

Welcome to what I know will be a great and innovative new year at Robert M. Bracker Elementary School!  It has been both challenging and rewarding these first three days of school. I was able to witness teachers and parents working together and establish beneficial communication patterns for a common goal. Parents, you were helpful, patient and kind and we cannot be any prouder or more thankful! We came together and together, we triumphed!  Our Bracker Dolphins are settling into their classes well on line. They are learning online etiquette and coming along quite well. They are AWESOME!!!


1.     For the safety of our students, online Google Classrooms links will be available five minutes before class starts. For example, if a class is starting at 8:30, the link will be available at 8:25 and so forth. We want to eliminate students being in classrooms unattended. Thank you for your support and understanding.

2.    Parents! Please help us by making sure that students are provided a quiet place to work while working at home, on line. If possible, we would like to eliminate background noises and distractions for that tends to interrupt the entire class.

3.    If you are on a waitlist for electronic devices, we are hoping to receive more computers shortly. If you are in need of some work for your child until then, please contact our office at 520.377.2886. This communication will also give us an opportunity to not count your student as “absent.”  

4.    If you are finding that your internet connection speed is slow or are in need of internet,

Please read the attached flyer; perhaps this could be of service to you!

5.    At this time, there are no “early releases “scheduled.  Students are expected to attend school five days a week following the schedule.

6.    Parents, now that we have eased into this year and we get to a point we are familiar with the websites and expectations, it is possible that your child’s school schedule will change to included set times that they should be logged on to different programs. However, this will be done with much advance notice form your child’s teacher once we are ready to make the transition. Until then, please continue following the given schedule.

7.      There will be an introductory meeting for primary parents (Grades K-2nd), in your child’s Goggle classroom at 2:00pm, Monday August 10th. This is an opportune time to meet your child’s teacher and review some helpful information.


Let’s make it a great year! Ms. Vigilant 



An affordable internet service option to the parents and students of NUSD.  Mediacom offering to support and help students/parents who may need internet service to access NUSD curriculum via the internet, but may not have the financial resources.

This program is a way Mediacom can help our Nogales community families to avoid falling into the abyss commonly referred to as the "Digital Divide".  A connection to the internet is vital.  No child should be left behind!

Mediacom's "Connect to Compete" program highlights:

  *   Residential internet service for $9.95 @ month plus tax.
  *   No deposit - No contract - No installation fees - No equipment rental fees - Wi-Fi modem via no-cost lease.
Household Qualifying guidelines:

  *   Mediacom physical network connection: Household site address/residential address where student physically resides.
  *   Household:  At least one student in grades K-12 living at site address.
  *   Household:  At least one child qualifies for free or reduced-price school lunch through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
  *   Household:  New service only. Cannot be a current Mediacom internet customer or subscribed to Mediacom internet service within the past 90 days.
  *   Household:  No previous outstanding Mediacom bill or unreturned equipment**
To get pre-qualified and/or apply:  Parents can either go to the link below or call the toll free number.
Please note:  Parents must go directly to the web site or call the toll free phone number directly.  I do not have access to the "Connect2Compete platform to qualify potential applicants.

  *   URL internet link:  
  *   Phone number: 1-855-904-2225

Please stay safe and healthy!
Que Dios lo cuide a Ud. Y a sus queridos mi amigo!



Francisco X. Moreno
Account Executive | Mediacom Business Services
W: 520.839.9349| C: 520.839.9349
2935 N. Grand Avenue, Nogales, AZ 85621